Kobe rainbow festival, and business info!

Many countries pepole come to AMRITA.
We are so happy to hear about their countries situation for LGBTQ.
LGBTQ festival will come to Kobe Japan on May 3rd.
It will be fun!
This is infomation.


And we change business hour.
Please check about it.

■Business info
Mon: 18:00~23:30 L.O 24:00
Tue: Close
Wed:18:00~23:30 L.O 24:00
Thu:18:00~23:30 L.O 24:00
Fri:18:00~23:30 L.O 24:00
Sat:18:00~23:30 L.O 24:00
Sun:18:00~23:30 L.O 24:00
※Sometime we close on Wednesday


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